January 30, 2019

Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo instructions

The Dan Henry 1964 GT chronograph: a tribute to an era of racing timepieces

Your Dan Henry 1964 GT chronograph was created to honor to the great chronographs of motor racing’s most daring age. At Le Mans, Monza, and the other legendary racing circuits of the world, these rugged timepieces were seen on the wrists of a generation of superbly talented and fearless drivers.

Meca-quartz timekeeping

Your Dan Henry 1964 GT is equipped with the Seiko VK63 meca-quartz 60-minute chronograph with tachymeter scale and 24 hours indicator sub-dial.

What is a “meca-quartz chronograph? Meca-quartz is a hybrid design: in a meca-quartz chronograph, the timekeeping functions are controlled by a battery-powered quartz movement, while the stopwatch functions of the chronograph are recorded by a mechanical module that is also powered by the battery.

Meca-quartz movements have been used for four decades in the most rugged and reliable chronographs. The Seiko movement in your Dan Henry 1964 GT chronograph is a direct descendant of the first meca-quartz movements used in premier chronographs.

For more about meca-quartz, click here

1964 Gran Turismo Chronograph Instructions Manual


1. Setting the time:

1.1. Pull out the crown to the second click position.*

1.2. Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hand.

1.3. Check that AM / PM is set correctly by looking at the 24-hour sub-dial in the 3 o’clock position.

1.4. Push in the crown to the normal position.

* If the crown is pulled to the second position while the chronograph is started, the chronograph hands will continue to move. This is not a malfunction.

2. Setting the date (for models with date windows):

2.1. Pull out the crown to the first click position.

2.2. Turn the crown clockwise to set the date.

* Do not change the date when the hands are set between 9 PM and 3 AM, because the day may not change properly. If it is necessary to set the date during that time, first change the hands to any time outside of that range; then set the date and then reset the correct time. (Use the 24 hours sub-dial located at 3 o’clock to help you when setting the date)

2.3. Push in the crown to the normal position.

3. Using the chronograph:

Your Dan Henry 1964 GT chronograph features a stopwatch that can measure up to 60 minutes.

3.1. To start the chronograph: press the upper pusher. The chronograph hands will begin to move.

3.2. To stop the chronograph: press the upper pusher again. The chronograph hands will stop and indicate the elapsed time. (Read the elapsed seconds on the large central hand and minutes on the sub-dial in the 9 o'clock position.

3.3. To reset the chronograph: press button the lower pusher to reset the chronograph. All the chronograph hands will be reset to "0” position.

4. Using the tachymeter scale:

The tachymeter scale can be used to compute a speed based on travel time. The tachymeter can also be used or measure distance based on speed.

To use the tachymeter for measuring speed: start the chronograph at the beginning of a 1-kilometer or 1-mile distance. At the end of the distance, the point on the scale next to the second hand indicates your speed.

To measure distance: while traveling at a constant speed, the tachymeter can also be used to measure distance. Start the chronograph at the beginning of the length to be measured. When the second-hand reaches the point on the tachymeter scale where the speed indicated equals the speed of the vehicle, one unit of distance (miles if speed is miles per hour, kilometers if kilometers per hour, etc.) has been covered.

For example, if you travel at a constant 80 mph (or at 80 km/h), then the distance traveled while the second-hand sweeps to "80" (45 seconds) will be exactly 1 mile at 80 mph (or 1 kilometer at 80 km/h).

Water resistance

Your chronograph has been tested for water resistance. It is safe to wear in a swimming pool, but not for scuba or ocean diving. The crown must be pushed in completely to ensure that the watch is water-resistant.

Accuracy and battery replacement

The accuracy of the movement is 20 seconds a month. With normal use, the battery in your 1964 GT should last about two years. When the watch begins to run slow, it indicates that the battery should be changed. Use a ref. SR936SW or 394 battery. The life of the battery can be shortened by extreme heat or cold.

How to reset the movement:

4.1. Pull out the crown to the second click position.

4.2. Press the lower pusher for two seconds and release the pusher.

4.3. Push the crown back to the normal position.

4.4. The small second hand will move at a two-second interval for 10 seconds as a demonstration.*

    * If the crown is moved during these 10 seconds, the two-second interval movement will not be activated.

    If you need help, contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com

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