Order & Shipping

From where do you ship?

Orders from the United States and European Union are shipped from our local warehouse.

Orders from elsewhere are shipped from Asia.

Will I have to pay international taxes and duties?

Customers from the United States and European Union can order their watches without import taxes or duties.

Customers from outside of the United States and European Union will have to pay their local authority due taxes or duties. In many cases, our products are valued below tariff thresholds, so no charges will apply. Shipping fees and taxes will not be refunded for packages that are refused.

When will my order ship?

We ship your watch within 1-3 business days after your purchase. For estimated shipping times, see our Shipping Info.

Can I track my order?

Yes. After ordering your watch, we will send you an email with your order details.

When your watch is shipped, you will receive another email that includes your tracking number. You can also enter your order number and email at our Shipping Info page to check the delivery shipping status.

Product & Warranty

Does my watch come with a warranty?

Yes. Purchases by all customers, regardless of their country of residence, are covered by a one-year warranty that begins with the purchase date.

Can I choose a specific serial number?

No. We understand that some customers desire a specific watch production number, but to keep costs low and logistics manageable, we cannot provide this service.

Our Limited Edition timepieces have a limited production and, in those cases, the production number is engraved on the case.

How long does the battery last?

The batteries in our watches last from two to four years, depending on climate and your use.

Is my watch water-resistant?

Our 1970 Automatic Diver watch is designed for heavy marine use at 20ATM, and with proper care can be worn for most water-related sports and recreational scuba diving. Most of the models, however, are waterproof to 5ATM.

Return & Repair

What is your return policy?

If your watch arrived with a factory defect, contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com for a return within fourteen days of receiving the order.

Can I return my watch if I change my mind?

Yes. We offer a full refund, excluding shipping, for all unworn products returned within fourteen days of delivery.

We understand that you want to try on your watch, but please note that a returned watch must be in unworn condition.

We check every returned watch for signs of wear or marks on the case, glass and strap. If the watch is in perfect condition, we will issue a refund the total cost for the watch. However, if there is any sign of use, we cannot accept the return and we will send it back to you.

How do I change or cancel my order?

To change or cancel your order, contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com with your order details and your request. We will try to hold the shipment, but if the watch is already in transit, we will have to discount the shipping costs when we issue a refund for the cost of the watch.

Where can I get my watch repaired?

If your watch has a factory defect within one year of purchase, send it to us and we will repair it for you, free of cost. Contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com for warranty support.

Damage caused by the user is not covered by our warranty. Your service technician can contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com for information about acquiring parts.

Can I get a new crystal if I damage mine?

Yes. If you crack your crystal or your service technician cannot polish out a deep scratch, contact us at support@danhenrywatches.com. New crystals are available for $35 USD.




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  4. That’s all. Take your best shot and good luck!


  1. We will select the best portraits to post in our Instagram account @danhenrywatches.
  2. If your portrait is selected, you win a Dan Henry watch of your choice. We'll check all portraits weekly to choose winners.
  3. If you have questions about the contest, reach out to us at support@danhenrywatches.com