January 27, 2019

Dan Henry 1947 Dress watch instructions

Your Dan Henry 1947 with sub seconds dial is equipped with the Seiko VD78 quartz movement.

1. Settingt the time

To set the time pull the crown and turn clockwise. When setting the time, the seconds hand located at the subdial in the 6 o'clock position will stop running.

2. Water resistance

Your watch has been tested for water resistance. It is safe to wear in a swimming pool, but not for scuba or ocean diving. The crown must be pushed in to ensure that the watch is water resistant.

3. Accuracy and battery replacement

The accuracy of the movement is 20 seconds a month.
With normal use, the battery in your Dan Henry 1947 should last about three years.
When the watch begins to run slow, the battery should be changed. Use a ref. SR626SW or 377 battery.

The battery can be conserved by pulling out the stem and stopping the watch.

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