January 15, 2017

How it all began...

My passion for watches started well before I could even tell the time. As a child, I immediately became fascinated by the look, the feel and the function of timepieces. That fascination didn’t end as the years passed, either. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my interest in watches only grew stronger. I began my professional watch collecting career at the age of 20 by attending events and auctions. By the ‘90s, I was conducting my research online, and soon I was clocking ten hours a day scouring eBay for key timepieces. My passion fueled my quest, and I became a man obsessed. I was young, hungry, and crazy.

What most people don’t know is the real secret of online watch collecting. Most are hooked on the thrill of the auction, thinking they can nab the best price but get lost in the bidding wars. The best way to get what you want at a good price is to seek timepieces sold at a fixed price. Many vendors fail to correctly price the pieces they sell, often underestimating  their real value. With a lot of work, some patience, and a bit of luck, you can find a very good deal. By the early 2000s, I was buying on average one watch a day online.

Recently, the watch collecting field has grown in both depth and size. There are more buyers, more competition and naturally more doctored watches out there to complicate matters. The prices are rising rapidly, and good deals are rarer by the day. I’m more than satisfied when I can acquire one watch a month these days, and I continue to be as discriminating as ever. But online panning has lost some of its luster, and I’ve since turned my attention to the art and the business of watchmaking. 

This new direction took shape following one particularly disastrous deal. One of my most desired watches as a collector happened to be the simple and rare Rolex ref. 1530. A couple of years ago, I found a great example on eBay, original and untouched. I was travelling, so I bought it and sent it to a friend for safe keeping.

To my absolute horror, he lost the watch. Needless to say, I was utterly devastated. It wasn’t just the money going adrift, but the tragic end to a great watch find. Thus ended my watch mining days. I never wanted to experience that again!

So, I needed to do something else but still fuel my desire for great watches. I realized that part of my passion involved sharing my collection with the world. What good is keeping it all private when so many watch-lovers want to see what others have procured in their quests? I managed to organize my extensive collection, and began sharing it through Instagram and then on my website timeline.watch.


Through the magic of the internet, I was connected with other horological aficionados like me, people who love watches and value their historical significance. We seemed to all be cut from the same cloth, people who sought pieces usually inaccessible, not only because of rarity but because of price.

Then, as a natural consequence, a plan to  launch my own watch brand took shape. The idea behind it was to offer high quality, vintage-style watches with historical ties at an affordable price. I knew the niche watch market was busting at the seams with new entrants, so I wanted to stand out by creating new classics that were evocative of the past without being derivative and unoriginal.  I want to share the pleasure of wearing these timepieces with more people than I could possibly reach by just sharing my collection online.

In this journal, I not only want to share my adventures in watch collecting, but also share paintings, sculptures and other antiques… I want to share stories of my searches, the art of bargaining, the thrill of the quest and the history behind each artifact. I also want to talk about collecting in general and what I find most interesting in what the world has to offer. My experiences are myriad. If any of what I’ve shared here piques your interest, feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter. We can’t wait to share our next adventures with you!