The good looks of watches from the past re-packaged in affordable timepieces for today

The good looks of watches from the past re-packaged in affordable timepieces for today.

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Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Diver: Designed by a total watch nerd, this is definitely worth checking out if you’re into microbrands.

Dan Henry 1962 Racing Chronograph: An option to the Rolex Daytona that costs a tiny fraction (about 2%) of it

Modeled after the Omega Speedmaster, it combines the feel and smooth sweep of a mechanical chronograph with the accuracy and affordability of quartz timekeeping.

Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Diver: A hot commodity on the vintage market.

Dan Henry 1937: A masterful homage to a legendary watch at an accessible price.

A timepiece that exudes aggression, speed, and precision with sleek and stealth aesthetic.

An unapologetic homagist: Dan Henry makes watches inspired by the greats.

Absolutely stunning modern iterations of vintage and classically styled timepieces

A confluence of design cues that typify watchmaking from an era.

The elegance of a dress watch with the masculinity of a racing watch in one stunning and perfectly-proportioned package. Maxim

Simple, élégant, sportif et chic : Un hommage au monde de la course automobile, et à ses pilotes, le 1962 est une montre qui devrait vous plaire pour un long moment. La Petiite Trotteuse




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