Our Story

My collection was built from the countless quests that took place in flea markets and local auctions. I was not only hunting for myself, I also had the joy of helping many watch lovers and friends. After 30 years of studying and acquiring more than 1,500 watches, I wanted to share it with the world. I first opened an Instagram account and then put my watches on a dedicated website, Timeline.Watch.

Since, my watches received a lot of interest from fellow vintage enthusiasts. At first, it seemed that I could not share more than pictures, as each of these watches was so scarce, and in some cases their rarity had translated into a very high value. Eventually, I came up with a crazy project: make some beautiful watches such as the ones I was lucky to own, but accessible.

Dan Henry was born with the purpose of creating collectible vintage watches that tells the story of a time.

DH Collection_Our Story

The watches I chose to make were inspired by the most striking pieces of my collection. Those are not only beautiful, one way or another they also changed what a wristwatch can be. More often than not, they were daring for their time but left a mark in watchmaking, and remain admired today.

The model name was inspired by the characteristic design of its time.

I always look for the best deal out there. Sometimes I get more enjoyment out of buying a watch than the watch itself. I have a fondness for the pieces which I made a good deal.

I create my watches to share with others collectors the thrill of making a great deal and wearing a historical piece.