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Dan’s pieces are not designed as homages to a single historical piece but are meant to capture the spirit and design aesthetic of a specific point in time.

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"I’m just amazed that he was able to make such quality so affordable. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone of Dan Henry’s watch pedigree."


HANDS-ON: The funky, fun Dan Henry 1970 Diver Compressor

- Time & Tide -

With so many cool features and fun design elements, the Dan Henry 1970 is an enchanting watch regardless of its price point.

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1968 Dragster Chrono Review Less Is More

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A chat with Dan Henry of Dan Henry WatchesPodcast Ep. 20

- Worn & Wound -

"Visuellement et en photo, elle est très belle. En vrai, elle est superbe. C’est un bijou de design, tant elle est bourrée de détails soignés."

- La Petite Trotteuse -

Они классные, они идеально сделаны и к ним не в чем придраться.

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元コレクターらしく、ダン・ヘンリーは時計好きの気分が分かっている、 この充実ぶりを考えると、230ドルはバーゲンプライスだ 。

- Asahi Shimbun -

One of the most impressive vintage watch collections, belonging to one of the most knowledgable collectors (and watchmakers) in the world.

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