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A reference model made for hardcore divers, tracking the elapsed minutes underwater.

We are all fascinated with the underwater world. The development of practical diving equipment allowed mere mortals to relive the adventures of Jacques Cousteau beneath the sea. Those intrepid thrill-seekers needed reliable watches that could help them to calculate when to return to the surface.

Who hasn't dreamed of a hardcore diving watch?  Wish granted with this over-sized diver, boasting the ingenious super compressor principle that proved revolutionary when released. While it also looks great on firm grounds, this wristwatch was made to live underwater and its appearance is a constant reminder of its abilities. - DH


Many technologies are used to make watches water resistant, but the truly revolutionary step was adding an inner bezel that times the dive, and those timekeeping instruments became irreplaceable underwater.

Everything about those watches was designed to create the highest legibility, with large handset and indexes, and bright colors. The orange tint proved very popular, especially against a black background. Those watches were highly visible when worn at depths over a wetsuit; their large second crown controls the fundamental inner bezel, set to indicate the maximum time for a dive.



Your watch is internationally warranted by Dan Henry for one year from the date of purchase on all models with any material or workmanship defects.

This warranty does not cover: Straps, glass or batteries.

  • Internal or external damage resulting from excessive wear, improper use or mishandling.
  • Damage resulting from service provided from an unauthorized service center.
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    Automatic Diver

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